4 for 4 Program

The 4 for 4 program is designed to make it easy for owners of small businesses to get extremely focused in a short period of time under a very tight budget. Trigve refers to it as a ‘no-risk’ investment with an ROI much greater than it’s value – $400.00.

Using his CO2 Coaching method, Trigve will work with you to tackle that one operational challenge that is taking up too much time and causing you too much stress. Trigve will meet with you once a week for an hour over the course for four weeks. Each time progressing from the last meeting designed to target only one operational challenge that has the highest impact to your business.

Between visits, you are expected to complete the mutually agreed upon deliverables.

“The only way to truly get results is for the owner to have a vested interest from the beginning and set reasonable, achievable targets within the expected timeframe”

There is usually some hands-on training involved during this program. Often something as simple as being shown how to use a web-based application or even an excel spreadsheet is all you need to build value. Combine this with discussions around succession planning to get you in the right mindset and a fresh perspective of your business.