“When you want to address your operations as well as your sales our Business Development Program is ideal for you.”

It’s time to focus on what’s truly important that will make you more successful. We walk you through a 30 day, 90 day and 1 year plan whereby we strategize and make commitment on how to drive your business forward.

CO2 Coaching

The first 30 days – This is where you and I talk shop and get down to business. Focus, focus, focus. We get to the root problems and tackle them head-on. Here we will determine the best course of action for your overall business plan, from goals to tactics.

The first 90 days Once the plan is set and put into action, it is time to dive deeper into root-cause analysis and address the most critical parts of the plan. It also gives you time to adjust and reflect on the current and future state of the business operations.

The first year Once the root problems have been identified with a 90 day plan in progress, the next step is to build on that success and focus longer term. We will work together to develop and execute a one year plan, one that involves both marketing and operations. This is where we dive deeper into our CO2 Coaching model and start working on profitability analysis, cash flow, simplifying processes and so on.

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