I find it fascinating how trees can breathe in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and produce Oxygen (O2) and the importance that represents to us as humans. What if your business could take in CO2 and convert it to Oxygen as well? It can, if you have the tools and wherewithal to make it happen.

It all starts with focus and attention. By targeting the very elements that create CO2 you actually begin to breathe new life into your organization and drive focus and attention toward your customers and make your employees happier. Let me show you how this very simple process and analogy works.

Let’s do some elemental decoding right away as it pertains to this modelling. If you can keep to the simple logic behind this business concept you will find it very rewarding and make your own business analysis a process that doesn’t seem so daunting. Here we go…

Definitions and descriptions that support the CO2 Coaching Model

CO2 Business Coaching Model
CO2 Coaching Model

The various elements and chemicals

  1. CO2 stands for CARBON DIOXIDE
  2. C stands for the element CARBON
  3. O2 stands for the element OXYGEN

In this context we refer to carbon in a ‘raw’ state we think of coal. When we refer to oxygen in a ‘raw’ state we think of pure fresh air.

Now let’s convert these elements and chemicals into business logic:

  1. C stands for CUSTOMERS

By segregating these two elements, we can analyze them individually and build a system where they can live in unison.

The premise of the CO2 Coaching Model is to help people focus their business objectives into manageable parts. To help them explore, on their own through the simple concepts of everyday business, without being pigeon-holed into one way of doing things. CO2 breaks it into simple terms and makes it easy for people to grasp the business concepts without all the complex lingo and jargon.