Many entrepreneurs struggle with balancing sales and service time. Trigve teaches you systems and techniques to help you grow your business.

As your small business coach and trainer, you will find many ways to streamline your business, stay focused and be more successful. Trigve uses his CO2 Coaching Model to help business owners better lead their company and improve service to your customers.

Business leaders and managers need to understand that there is more to running a business than looking at the numbers and the bottom line. Business is about how emotionally intelligent you are to lead a business through change, manage your operations and service customers.

The core of your business is it’s organizational operations. The operations are there to service your customers and ensure they are happy.

If your operations are not properly aligned, perhaps because your target market has shifted, then your operations will slow down and customer satisfaction will decrease. When this happens your business begins to produce ‘operational waste’ and your customers start to dwindle. You need to realign your business so that it is back in tune with your customers.

Ask us how we can help you achieve your goals and implement tactics that are results driven and time sensitive.