Why Google Business Pages?

How we search the web for products and services is continuously changing, changing to the point where we need to rethink and revisit where and how we spend our time developing ways for our customers to find us and connect with us. One of these evolving changes is with Google and their business profiles.

See our example by selecting the image here:

Trigve Google Business Profile
Sample of a Google business profile






Think about how you look for a restaurant in your area. Whether you are on your mobile, tablet or desktop pc, chances are you will “Google it”. Once you do this, where does your eye go to first? Most likely, the image on the right, with the hours of operation, website, phone number, menu, etc. in most cases you won’t even visit their website, you will click on their contact info and make reservations accordingly. The map is already there in front of you, so you don’t even have to call them and ask for directions.

But wait. Not all businesses are listed that way. Why not? It is because they have not taken the time to set up a Google Business Page for this to happen. A Google business page, like the one you see in the image here, is FREE. Simply fill out a profile, verify the business and presto, you have a page that shows up  during a search.

This is different than the paid ads that are listed at the top. Businesses pay to be listed first, but do not have to pay anything to have their profile up. You can also view the businesses entire profile by choosing the appropriate link on the page.

Why is this so significant? Because the business website you have today or are looking to develop is becoming somewhat of an after thought when it comes to search optimization. Your Google profile is now becoming an extremely important part of your business marketing.